Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Riddles in the Dark

Vocabulary (to interpret)
  1. my precious
  2. riddle
  3. goblin-imp
  4. creepsy and tricksy
  1. Before you begin reading, what do you think this chapter is about?
  2. What did Bilbo find that would make his occupation easier?
  3. What is Bilbo’s occupation?
  4. If you had to guess (and you have to guess), how do you think Golem got into the cave, on his little island, living on goblin meat and blind fish?
  5. What does Golem call himself?
  6. What are the terms of Golem’s riddle game?
  7. Write a riddle§.
  8. What happens when Golem can’t answer Bilbo’s last riddle?
  9. Did Bilbo ask a riddle? Explain whether or not Bilbo’s riddle was fair.
  10. What was Bilbo’s opinion of The Riddle Game*?
  11. What is Golem’s birthday-present?
  12. At what point does Golem realize his birthday-present is missing?
  13. What does he decide to do?
  14. What does Bilbo do?
  15. Does Bilbo ever trust Golem? Support your answer.
  16. How does Bilbo finally find the way out?
  17. What’s Bilbo’s first obstacle he has to overcome?
  18. What’s Bilbo’s second obstacle?
  19. What does Bilbo lose when he’s finally free?
  20. What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

* — Direct quotes used as your answer.

— Before reading on you need to a) think about the question, and b) do your best to answer it in the context of what you are reading.

— Basic rules and penalties of the game. In this case, the game is asking and answering riddles.

§ — A logical question in three parts that leads to a specific (and logical) answer.