Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

The Return Journey

Vocabulary (to interpret)
  1. What is this chapter going to be about?
  2. After Bilbo regains consciousness, he tries to draw attention to himself only to find out what?
  3. Why was the man (who found Bilbo) on the hill?
  4. When Gandalf sees Bilbo, what’s his first observation*?
  5. How do Bilbo and Thorin part?
  6. What does Bilbo do after he speaks to Thorin?
  7. Why did the Eagles show up?
  8. Who else showed up?
  9. How big was the other person who showed up to battle the goblins and wolves?
  10. How many parts of the goblin army was slain? What was the result?
  11. What was the ultimate fate of the Arkenstone?
  12. In addition to Thorin, who else (of the original party) died during the battle?
  13. Who is the new King under the Mountain?
  14. In the end, what was Bilbo’s take in the treasure*?
  15. What company did Bilbo being his journey home?
  16. Who was with Bilbo?
  17. What does Bilbo give the Elven king?
  18. The Elven king names Bilbo an elf-friend, what do you think that means?
  19. As the Tookish part of Bilbo started to get tired, what did Bilbo really want?

* — Direct quotes used as your answer.

— Before reading on you need to a) think about the question, and b) do your best to answer it in the context of what you are reading.

— Being named elf-friend is a big deal within the world Tolkien created.