Writers Bits

In establishing Writers Bits, it is understood that there is a very large trove of websites, books, and advice on writing, fiction, essays, and more.

Even so, Writers Bits exists to add a slightly different voice to those that are out there. This isn’t Stephen King’s On Writing or Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird or somewhere near a bajillion other books. It’s not here to replace anything or to change what’s out there. Instead, it exists to add a slightly different voice, an autistic voice, to what exists and how it’s understood.

John Hattaway

John Hattaway is a graduate of Fairfield University’s Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program. He has taught both college and high school, where he’s attempted to adjust how English writing and grammar are both presented and understood by students.

One of John’s approaches to teaching writing is that writing is:

  1. an ongoing conversation between authors that takes place over decades and centuries; and,
  2. should convey what the author or writer understands in the way the author or writer understands it.

Given these ‘constraints,’ John attempts to get writers to understand that the relationship between writing and reading is one of clear communication and intent with specific patterns that can be followed by both beginner and experienced writer.

None of this needs to take away from, or should, the creative aspects of writing when it comes to the authorial creative writer, who also tend to reject any guidelines, rules, or overt expectations.

More information about John Hattaway can be gleaned from his website.